Voice Actors We Want Narrating Our Audiobooks

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If you love cartoons or video games, you may have “heard” the people on this list. Their impressive voices set them apart as voice actors in media. But there is one market we are here at Quirk are dying for them to try: Audiobook Narrator. Read the post over on Quirk Books as well!


Ashly Burch

From anime to video games, Ashly Burch has voiced them all. Her quirky personality comes through loud and clear. We’d love to hear her take on our favorite YA heroines, such as Karou from the “Daughter of Smoke and Bone”. Hey Ash, Whatcha reading?

Yuri Lowenthal

From Prince of Persia to Minecraft, this leading guy has voiced dozens of video games. You might not recognize him on the street, but we’re sure his voice will sound very familiar. Since he usually voices the protagonist, we are curious to hear his version of Westley from the Princess Bride. As we wish!

Tara Strong

This talented voice actress most likely portrayed your favorite cartoon character growing up. Strong’s vocal range has won her countless awards and recognition. While we love hearing her on the small screen, we think she would be great as an audiobook narrator. Maybe she could give Neil Gaiman’s Coraline a go?

Billy West

Billy West is considered royalty of voice acting. And for good reason, he’s been doing it for more than thirty years! Bugs Bunny, Futurama, and Ren and Stimpy are just a few of his famous roles. We think he has the skills to narrate the many colorful characters in “A Confederacy of Dunes”.

Mark Hamill

Yes, that Mark Hamill, Luke Skywalker himself. Many people are unaware that Hamill has been a successful voice actor for many years. He even narrated part of the audiobook for World War Z. We would love for him to go all out and narrate an entire book though. How about “The Forever War” by Joe Haldeman? A sci-fi class for a sci-fi legend.

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