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I love living near a thrift store. I find so many interesting odds and ends. I try to limit my collecting to certain items, such as pint glasses, mugs and books. Well, today I have started collecting something new: vintage children’s books.


I mean look at them! The colors and illustarions are just beautiful. They appeal to my love of books and art. And they were only $.99 cents. Who can pass that deal up?! Today I picked up the 3 that you see above. They are old library books, which is probably why they are in such good condition. Also libraries do sell books, so the chances that these were stolen/lost are pretty slim.

First up is this book called “Baba Yaga”. It seems to be a Russian folk children’s book. The colors though!

The colors and illustrations in this book are to die for. I actually did some googling about this book and found other copies selling for $2o bucks! I need to find a way to display this book, it’s to pretty to sit on a shelf closed.

Next is this book called “The Man Who Could Call Down Owls”. I was drawn to this books grey and black color palette. Also the illustrations are very detailed and a little spooky, which I think is cool.

They don’t make children’s books like this anymore!

Last, but not least is this gem I found called “The Real Hole” be Beverly Cleary. Yes, that Beverly Cleary who wrote childhood favorites”The Mouse on the Motorcycle” and the Ramona Quimby series.

This book is from 1960! It’s in amazing shape and the colors and illustrations are so old school. Did you know that¬†Beverly Cleary is 101 years old?! She is one of America’s most successful living authors. Good for her! I loved her books as a child, and am excited to own this book for my collection.

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