Throwback Thursday: The Claidi Journals

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This Throwback Thursday I want to talk about a series of books that I read as a teen that I absolutely loved, the Claidi Journals. I stumbled upon these books in my middle school library and was intrigued by the cover art, but more importantly the book blurb. It said “for fans of Ella Enchanted”, I haven’t blogged about this yet, but Ella Enchanted is one of my favorite young adult books of all time. So I checked Wolf Tower out of the library and read it that day, and I was instantly hooked on the series.


The series follows Claidi, a former servant who is whisked away on an epic journey to find her parents and true identity. The story is told via Claidi’s journal entries as she travels to exotic lands and meets many interesting characters. I have always enjoyed books with an independent female lead character, especially one who goes adventuring and falls in love with a rogue bandit.


There are four books in the series, Wolf Tower, Wolf Star, Wolf Queen and finally Wolf Wing. The first book is still my favorite in the series, followed by Wolf Star. I also really love the cover art for this series, the colors are vibrant and the illustrations resemble the descriptions of what the character look like in the book. I love this series so much that I went out and bought the collectors set with the first three books, why all four aren’t in the set I don’t know.


 I haven’t read this series in about ten years, and am tempted to marathon read it over the weekend, now that I’m remembering how much I enjoyed it. I would suggest the Claidi Journals for young readers, such as early teens or adults who like YA. These are relatively short books, a little over two hundred pages each, if you’re interested in reading this fantastic series.

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