Spring 2018

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Spring has faded and Summer is upon us. And she is hot! The days of staying indoors and basking in the AC are now. Prefect weather for lounging on the couch and reading. But before Summer melts us away, here is a brief glimpse of the past few months.


I got a part-time job at my favorite bookstore! Here is a nifty sign that we had out front of the store. I LOVE working here. Being around readers and people who also love books is great! Especially the kids! Omg seeing little kids get excited for books makes my tiny heart burst. And my bookshelf has grown tremendously.


Working at a bookstore does have it’s perks. Such as seeing beautiful cover art all the time. For example, the new paperback edition of Dune is just gorgeous. I had to take a picture and post it on Instagram, because I’m one of those people. Another perk are ARC’s. So many ARC’s are readily available. My cup runeth over in advanced reader copy. #Blessed


I mainly do events at the bookstore. Which entails setting up chairs and the mic. But, I do get to meet many cool authors and illustrators! Such as the amazing Gale Galligan, who did the artwork for the new Baby-Sitters Club graphic novel. Gale signed my copy and even did a sketch of my favorite character (Kristy)! Remember when I said my bookshelf was growing….


Last but not least, pins! Harry Potter pins to be exact. I bought these off Etsy from the shop, Rather Keen. I’ve started collecting HP pins to go along with my bookish collection. Yes, my obsession has only grown.  And with that ends my Spring wrap up. Even though the heat is a bitch, I’m very much looking forward to Summer and poolside reading.


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