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I wrote an article for Tor!! I am incredibly happy and honored. I have read books published by Tor for many years. Some of my favorite fantasy and sci-fi books have been published by them. I honestly wasn’t expecting to hear back when I sent them my pitches, I know they’re a very busy company. But the more I write and pitch to companies, the less anxious I am about rejection or not hearing any response at all. So, when the editor liked one of my pitches and asked me to send her an article, I was ecstatic!

You can read the full article here. I wrote about my favorite YA fantasy series that I read growing up and how it was a gateway to the fantasy genre. I wrote about my love for Tanith Lee and the Claidi Journals way back on this blog in 2014 ! It was one of my first Throwback Thursday posts. Needless to say I was more than happy to spread my love for the this series to the Tor blog page.  I wont post the whole article but I will add the last bit which I think sums it up pretty well.

“The Claidi Journals is not a perfect fantasy series. It has its flaws. But as a young woman just discovering the fantasy genre, it’s just what I wanted: a fun series packed with adventure in a far off land, with handsome bandits and evil princesses. Thanks to Tanith Lee’s storytelling, I learned the basic concepts of what makes a fantasy novel work, and was left with a love for the genre that will continue for years to come.”

I was also happy at the positive comments the article received. Not gonna lie, sometimes reading comments on articles that I write can be scary. People are honest, which is great, but also a little bit brutal. Most people are nice though and it’s comments like this, “Thanks for this. I have an almost six year old daughter that I’m wanting to start introducing to the fantasy genre… and while this may not be the best start for her age, it gives me some ideas for a little later in her young life.” that make my heart just melt.

Anyways, that’s my amazing Tor story that I will probablyT tell over and over til my dying breath.  Please head over to Tor read the article and let me know what you think!


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