Rules for Time Travelers

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I wrote this post for Quirk Books last week about time travel! Because you know, being an expert and all….I’ve seen shows with time travel.

Time travel can be a tricky thing. One must avoid paradoxes, black holes, and alternate dimesions. But most importanly you must be careful when meeting own ancestor. Here are a few fiction chararters that learned that very lesson.

Marty McFly – Back to the Future

The most notorious time traveler on this list is Marty Mcfly. Sent back in time to 1955, Marty inadvertly becomes the romantic love interst of his teenage mother. Akward…. To fix his timeline and make sure that he is even born, Marty must bring his parents together. With a little rock and roll Marty manages to save the day and himself.

Philip Fry – Futurma

For a televsion show set in the future, Futurma sure did travel to the past pretty often. Most famously of course was when Fry traveled to 1947 and meet his grandparents. Unfortunatly, for Fry this means protecting his grandfather from any harm to ensure his future existnece. Talk about pressure. Fry succedes at ensuring his existnece, but at a shocking/disgusting cost.

Kindred – Octavia Butler

When Dana finds herself transported back in time, the last thing she expects is meeting her ancestors. This time traveling novel takes place mostly on pre-civil war plantantion. Further complication arise when Dana must protect her loathesoam planation owning ancestor in order to assure her birth. This complicated time travel tale deals with race, gender, and slavery. No one said time travel was always pleasent.

Dr. Who – Father’s Day

When the Ninth Doctor and his companion Rose Tyler travel back in time to the day Rose’s father dies, things go awry. By saving her father, Rose creates a paradox that threantes to consume the world. With time running out, the only way to correct the timeline is for Rose’s father to die. This time though an adult Rose is with him til the end. Why are my eye so wet? Is someone cutting onions in here?

Supernatural – In the Beginning

The Winchester brother have faced many a demon foe. But dealing with your teeange parents, well that’s a different matter. In this eps. the brother are sent back in time to witness thier family’s sectret past. Which of course means fighing an evil demon that wants to kill everyone. Lives are lost and questions left unanswered, but hey , cute guys kicking demon butt!



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