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2016 is finally over! My reading resolution for the year was 100 books and I squashed my goal with 112! Goodreads has a nifty break down of all the books  read over the year. I read 28,620 pages with the average book being 258 pages, and my average rating was 3 stars (I’m a harsh critic). Here’s the rest of my surprising results!

The shortest book I read was Giant Days Holiday Special #1 at 48 pages. I love this comic book series and the holiday special did not disappoint! I must confess that I do have a weak spot for any type of holiday specials  be they television, cartoon, or comic. They always put me in the Christmas spirit!

The longest book I read was The Black Prism at 661 pages. Ugh this chunky fantasy novel was a pain to read, and I listened to it on audiobook! The narrator was just awful, but I heard so many good things about this series that I pushed through the ear pain. In the end this book didn’t do it for me enough to read the other books in the series.

The most popular book I read was The Time Traveler’s Wife, which according to Goodreads 1,831,843 other people also read. This book surprised me by how boring it was. So much hype about this book and movie adaption that I waited YEARS to finally read it. And found it quite mediocre. Definitely not the great romance everyone ranked it as.

My favorite book of 2016 was The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet. Now this book was worth the hype! It was sweet, funny and made me cry happy tears. I loved it! The sequel is already high on my tbr for 2017.

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