Let’s Get Graphic Part 3

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Graphic novels are a fun way to break up my reading routine. I also enjoy supporting artists by reading and buying their books. As you can see below, my taste in graphic novels varies. Sometimes I like to read books that are serious and dark and other times I want to read something light and humorous. I just noticed that all the authors on this list are women, so that’s cool. You can read my other blog posts about graphic novels here and here. Now on to the list!


Herding Cats is Sarah Anderson’s newest collection of comics. I love Sarah’s sense of humor and point of view about the world. I read here previous books, Adulthood is a Myth and Big Mushy Happy Lump, and also really enjoyed them. My only complaint is that the books are just a collection of her comics and not an actual story/novel. While her books are entertaining, I would like to read something with a bit more originality and storytelling.


Strong Female Protagonist by Brennan Lee Mulligan and Molly Ostertag on the other hand is all dark emotion. The story follows a Alison , a young woman whom has recently quit her job as a superhero. Adjusting to civilian life is not easy though and Alison can’t seem to leave behind her heroic past. This is hands down the best “superhero” graphic novel that I’ve ever read. The idea is original and the story was very well written. Lots of psychological idealism about what is good and what is evil. Plus the protagonist is an average girl who really wants to change the world, but doesn’t know how. Batman and Superman can go suck it, and you should read Strong Female Protagonist instead. 

The cutest award on this list goes to The Tea Dragon Society by Katie O’Neil. Even though I am not a tea drinker (coffee 4 life) I enjoyed reading about this magical world where dragons grow tea on their bodies. The illustrations in this book are gorgeous! The book is whimsical, inclusive and has a good message for children. I would buy this book just to display, it’s that pretty. I think it makes a great gift for any childs birthday.


Spinning by Tillie Walden is an autobiographical graphic novel. Tillie recounts her childhood as an ice skater, moving to Texas, and coming out to her family and friends. This was a slow burn for me. I mean that in the sense of reading it leisurely and enjoying the small moments in the book. Tillie does a lot of retrospective thinking and remembering in the story, so it’s not a fast read in that regard. The only colors used in the illustrations are dark purple, yellow, and white. Overall, I enjoyed the book and the nostalgia of childhood that I felt while reading it.


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