Let’s Get Graphic Part 2

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It’s been a while since I did a graphic novel review. And by a while I mean two freaking years! You can read Let’s Get Graphic Part 1, here. I’ve read quite a few graphic novels this year, thanks to my local library being awesome! Here are a few that have resonated with me the most.



Something New: Tales from a Makeshift Bride by Lucy Knisley

I read and really enjoyed Lucy’s earlier novel, Relish, which focuses on her childhood and living with two foodie parents. Something New is all about wedding traditions and Lucy’s efforts to plan her dream wedding. This book sparked my love for Lucy’s art style and quirky sense of humor. I follow her on Instagram now, and I highly recommend you do as well if you like her books. Also she just had a baby and I can NOT wait for her new book about motherhood.


Lady Killer by Joelle Jones

This next book is a weird mix of Mad Men and Hit Man. I liked the colors and gritty art style, but wish the story would have been better developed. I will pick up the next volume in hope that more of the story is revealed. Also I can’t help but think of Dr. Mrs. The Monarch from The Venture Brothers. I even imagine she has the same husky man voice.



Patience by Daniel Clowes

This book is really really weird. But I kind of dug it?? It’s about time travel and also a love story. The colors and art illustrations in this book are hands down the best of this list. My main complaint was that it swears way too much. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good f-bomb every now and then, but this book took swearing to a whole new level. And I didn’t think it added anything to the story. I would only recommend this book to only my adult friends and make sure they don’t mind a book with violence against women (there’s a lot).


Monstress by Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda

I’m not sure if I liked Monstress honestly. I’m torn about how I feel about it. On one hand the art style is simply beautiful. 10/10 on that aspect. What bothered me was the story, I was very confused by the jumbled narrative throughout the entire volume. Maybe it’s just me (shrug) but I dislike when books explain stuff way late in the narrative and you have to go back reread a chapter because now it will make sense. I’m on the fence about continuing this series. I would definitely rent it from the library over buying it.

What graphic novels have you been reading lately? I would love some suggestions!

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