I Heart Jeff Goldblum

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There is only one man who can consistently break the internet, and his name is Jeff Goldblum. We love him, you love, and the internet is crazy for him! Here are a few examples of Jeff Goldblum doing what he does best…. being his lovable self and slaying the web.

First, let’s talk about Goldblum’s career. Whether it’s for Thor: Ragnarok or the new Jurassic Park film, Hollywood is a buzz when it comes to Jeff’s choice in roles. Every time he is cast in a film, the internet has a meltdown. And not in a bad way! We jump for joy when we see him on the big screen.

What about that time he opened his own food truck?! The internet just about exploded when this adorable image emerged. Did we mention he named it Chef Goldblum’s? We love that we never know what he will do next, which leads us to….

Jazz! Yes, Jeff Goldblum plays at a Jazz club in LA, at least once a week. The internet was thrilled and also not very surprised. Of course, Jeff Goldblum is an amazing piano player and singer! The man is a conundrum wrapped in a mystery.

Did we mention how stylish Jeff Goldblum is? Well, the internet has quickly realized this and made him a fashion icon. The result is loads of magazine spreads and candid photos gracing the internet. The man can’t take a bad photo! It’s obviously witchcraft.

Finally, there’s the internet obsession with Jeff Goldblum memes. There are so many memes starring Goldblum that we lost count whilst writing this post! Whether it’s dinosaurs, poop, or being bare chested, there is a meme about it. Luckily, Goldblum is a good sport and finds the internet’s love for him hilarious.

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