Halloween & Scaredy Cats

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Happy Halloween!! I hope you’re enjoying lots of tasty treats. I celebrated Halloween with beer, brunch, and scary movies! I also wrote this post for Quirk Books, linked here. Since it’s about scaredy cats in literature, I thought it was fitting to share on the blog today!

When it comes to reading, we tend to remember the brave and courageous. But what about the cautious and apprehensive? These fearful individuals that are often overlooked by their heroic counterparts. For this spooky holiday season, let’s celebrate the scaredy cats in literature!


Ichabod Crane – The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

This classic tale of headless horsemen and flaming pumpkins proved to be too much for our unlikely hero, Ichabod Crane. This lowly schoolmaster was no match for his own fears and superstitions. Terrified of ghosts and the town’s legendary  horsemen, Ichabod convinces himself of their reality one fateful autumn night. In the end Ichabod was chased out of town by his own paranoia.


Ron Weasley –  Harry Potter Series

We can’t all be the boy who lived can we? Of the fantastic trio, Ron is definitely the scaredy cat in the group. His main fear being spiders, aka arachnephobia. Ron is also scared of the Forbidden Forest, Dementors, and his mum. At least Ron faces his fears throughout the series. We could argue though that without his friends Ron would not have overcome his aversions so easily.


Samwell Tarly – Game of Thrones

A self subscribed coward, Samwell is not the bravest character in the Song of Fire and Ice series. Afraid of his own shadow and his father, Sam is forced to join the Nights Watch. There Sam must confront White Walkers and his biggest fear, women! Little by little Sam overcomes his fears to be a real asset to his friends and comrades. It goes to show this is one scaredy cat that uses his head to overcome his phobias!


Zaphod Beeblebrox – The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Here’s a chicken that’s out of this world! Zaphod Beeblebrox is the worst type of scaredy cat on this list. He’s the narcissistic coward that will abandon his friends when things get rough. His self preservation wins out more than his courage. You would think a man with two heads would have more fortitude. And to think he was elected President of the Galaxy!?


The Cowardly Lion

Last  but not least, the only scaredy cat on this list who is actually a cat! The Cowardly Lion is part of Dorothy’s entourage. However, this King of the Beasts is also the laughing stock of OZ. The Cowardly Lion is terrified of everything that goes bump in the magical land. It’s not until the Wizard gives him courage that he believes in himself to be brave.

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