Geeky Hygge

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Quirk Books asked me to write a blog post about Geeky Hygge. What the heck is hygge you might ask? Hygge is the Danish word for cozy and represents the feeling of being utterly content. To do this one must surround oneself with things that make them happy, relaxed and comfortable. If your a geeky person like us, then these items are essential to getting your hygge on!


Nothing spells comfort like having toasty toes! These stylish and nerdy socks from Sock Drawer will keep your feet happy all year round. Now you celebrate your nerdom from head to toe! What better way to accomplish hygge than from starting at the bottom?


Of course the ultimate way to get cozy is with a soft blanket. This fleece lined throw from Etsy seller CanisPicta comes with an appropriate bookish quote from C.S. Lewis. Snuggle up under this blanket to ensure some quality reading time. Cozy reading + relaxation = hygge.


Now that you’ve settled presumably into your reading nook you can’t forget the most important accessory, pillows! And can a pillow be more adorable than this handmade Harry Potter? Etsy seller telahmarie really knows her stuff, or should we say stuffing? Now the boy who lived and live on your couch!


Tea Infuser

How can one relax without a nice cuppa tea? With this tiny space capsule, you can just sit back and relax while your tea steeps. Don’t worry the little astronaut will make sure your tea is out of this world!


You know what would go great with that cup of tea, a cookie…or two. These 8 bit cookies from The Cookie Writer really stole our hearts! Easy to create and tasty to boot, these fine confections will make your tummy very happy.




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