Fictional Cats’ Dream Homes

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Crazy cat lady checking in. When Quirk asked if I wanted to write a blog post about fictional cats and their dream homes, I realized all my dreams had come true. The only thing  tricky about this post was finding non-potato quality house photos. Come on people, get with the high def images already!

The hierarchy in most homes goes: man in the bed, dog in the doghouse, and the cat sleeps wherever. Now where’s the fairness in that? Cats deserve a special place to call their own. Especially these fictional felines who are looking for their dream home. Well, the wait is over my furry friends!


Crookshanks – Harry Potter

Now what British cat wouldn’t love a charming sea side cottage? Crookshanks could live out his days eating the freshest seafood. Defeating He Who Must Not Be Named is hard work you know? This is one ginger cat that will be enjoying his evil wizard free retirement.



Church –  Pet Semetary

This island getaway is prefect! Totally isolated, which means no traffic! We all know how much Church hates cars. Almost as much as he hates cursed burial grounds. Well, you won’t find any of those on this lovely island built for a King.

Oct. 14, 2015: The Spadena House, also known as the Witch's House, at Walden Dr. and Carmelita Ave. in Beverly Hills.

Greebo – Discworld

This next house will make Greebo the cat feel right at home! Any witches familiar would love to call this spooky cottage home. It’s almost as if this dwelling was  plucked right out of a story! Add a dash of newt and a pinch of wart and BAM, you got a forever home.



Mister – The Dresden Files

Apartment living suits Mister just fine. That’s why this cozy brownstone in the heart of Chicago is ideal. Living with a wizard detective can be stressful. There’s explosions, monster attacks, and even spirit possession! That’s why a  cat needs a warm fireplace to lay down and unwind at the end of the day.


Tailchaser – Tailchaser’s Song

Those other cats can have their big city houses. All Tailchaser requires is a nice home nestled in the woods. Here he is free to explore nature and even feel still a little feral. But, there’s still a warm bed and a bowl of food waiting for him. This home is perfect for any adventurous feline!

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