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I’m going to sound really old, but when I was a kid coloring books were pretty lame. The pages were coarse feeling, and the illustrations were pretty simple. Times have definitely changed my friends. Coloring books have become ridiculously popular over the last year. The result of which is tons of coloring books geared towards readers. Here’s a few of my favorites (so far). If these continue to be popular, I might end up writing a second blog post!


Ah yes, when you think of Game of Thrones, your mind instantly jumps to coloring books… O.k. maybe not really, but the illustrations in this book are gorgeous! The dragons alone make me want to own this book! It might have started as a cash grab, but the Game of Thrones coloring book is a real gem for fans of the series. (Might want to invest in a few extra red markers though.)



Speaking of jumping on the bandwagon, here we have the Harry Potter coloring book. This is just the first HP coloring book that’s been released; at least four more are due out later this year. If your a fan of HP (who the freak isn’t?) then you will probably enjoy this coloring book. Again lots of beautiful illustrations and plenty of scenes from the series to satisfy any hardcore HP fan.


Finally, a book that really puts the “adult”  in adult coloring book! If you enjoy the Outlander book series, then you know the TV adaption has made Diana Gabaldon’s historical romance very popular. Hence, the official 95 page coloring book that will have new and returning fans alike scrambling to purchase. Personally, I think it’s an awesome way to relax after a hard long day by filing in a hot Scotsman…


This Tolkien’s World coloring book is hands down my favorite on this list. I’ve always loved the magical world that Tolkien created. This book highlights the many wonderful creatures and characters that he brings to life in his stories. Dragons, hobbits, and even orcs make an appearance in this coloring book. It’s honestly another great way to get lost in Tolkien’s fantastical imagination.


What coloring books have you been enjoying lately? Let me know in the comments below.

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