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Call-Me-Ishmael-final-web-logo[1]I’m probably really late to the party on this, but I’ve recently discovered an amazing site called “Call Me Ishmael”.  Here’s what you do:

Step #1.
Call the phone number: 774-325-0503
It will go straight to voicemail.

Step #2.
Listen to the short answering machine message.

Step #3.
Leave Ishmael a voicemail about a book you love
and a story you have lived.

What happens next is Ishmael transcribes the recordings on a typewriter and shares his favorite messages. I could spend hours listening to all the beautiful stories that readers have shared on this site! I love the range of books that people discuss, such as young adult, classics, and even comics. Ishmael transcribes and shares a new call every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. So, there’s always new videos to check out. I subscribe to the YouTube channel linked, here, so I never miss a video.

Listening to these heartwarming messages really inspired me to call and leave a message myself. I hope one day Ishmael transcribes my message, but if he doesn’t then that’s OK too. I thought the experience of calling and telling a personal story was very therapeutic. Maybe one day I will share that story on this blog, maybe 🙂

I highly recommend checking out “Call Me Ishmael”! I must warn you though, some of the recordings might leave you with all the feels. Believe me, it’s not easy to explain to your coworkers that the reason your silently crying at your desk is because a video about books made you sad.

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