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Last February I wrote about a really cool YouTube channel called Call Me Ishmael, my original post. In the post I mentioned that I left a message for Ishmael and hoped that one day he would transcribe it….and he did!! My heart did a weird little flippy flop when I looked at my YouTube subscriptions and say the new video with the title “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing” by Judy Blume. That was the book I did!! No way it was my message though I thought, probably someone else who also loved the book. But then I clicked the link and heard my voice (omg I hate the sound of my own voice btw) and just about burst into tears.

If you don’t want to click on the video which I have linked above, then let me fill you in. When I was a kid, I sucked at reading, like I would kick and scream in order to avoid practicing. My parents “teaching” methods were not that great or helpful to say the least, so they kind of pushed it to the side. My grandmother was having NONE of that. She sat me and worked with me every time I visited her (which was pretty often).

My grandmother had a different approach to helping me learn to read. She let me pick the book and I read it out loud to her, but it felt like I was telling her a story more than doing this chore that I hated. We continued this method for several books until I realized how wonderful books were. Soon I was reading on my own and feel in love with reading. But, most importantly we talked about the stories and how I would have changed the ending or the plot. I started to make up my own stories. My grandmother taught me to be imaginative and think outside book so to speak. I truly feel to this day that I love to write and be the creative due person that I am because of her.

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