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I have an addiction….to Instagram! If your a book lover, then I’m sure you love #bookstagram as much as I do. Literally hundreds of pictures of books,bookshelves, and people who love reading. Here are a few of my own bookish pics that I’ve taken lately.


The bookstore that I work was part of Austin’s Bookstore Crawl. If you dont know what that is, it’s where you go to certain bookstores that are participating and support them by buying books etc. Some stores gave out swag for joining in on the fun. Unfortunately,¬†I had to work but next year I plan on going with some friends and buying all the books!!



We held a book fair for the local school district, in celebration of Summer. I had to represent my love of books by wearing my pins! #bookflair. I really love to see kids get excited for reading and books in general, so the book fair was really fun. It really made me miss being a kid and having the entire summer to just read all day. I got to meet some cool authors and illustrators as well, so all in all it was a good time.

This gorgeous edition of Lord of the Rings caught my eye while I was at Half Price Books. I had to take it home asap. It matches my one thrifted Lord of the Rings bookend very nicely. Look at the color on this book! Inside there’s lovely a map as well! I don’t usually collect books, but this copy seemed so whimsical and decorative that I snatched it up.



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