“Books” A Poem

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Last week was very busy for me. I decided to volunteer at two different conventions, both occurring back to back. The first was Fantastic Fest, a genre film festival held here in Austin. The second was MonodoCon, an amazing poster convention that celebrates all things film and music. I had a blast at both cons, and I walked away with a few goodies. I particularly wanted to share with you is this wonderful poem that I received. That’s right a poem.

I should explain that at the closing party for Fantastic Fest, they had a table set up for a group called Typewriter Rodeo. They’re a traveling group of writers who create one of a kind poetry, all on vintage typewriters.  The fun part is that they do it right on the spot, and you get to pick the topic! How fun is that?  Well of course I had to have a poem of my own, and the topic I picked was books (duh). Kari Anne was my typist and she created for me this lovely poem simply called “Books”.


“god, just look at them

the way they fit together

even when their meanings

their souls

are complete opposites

take one in your hand

crack open the spine

and breathe

breathe deep

the smell of thoughts and dreams

of tears and laughs

the smell of glue

and binding

the smell of past

and future



what would we do without them?

so many universes

so many worlds

in between two covers

creating new worlds

in your own two eyes”

I know, it’s so beautiful that it’s almost hard to read. I love it so stinking much that I’m going to frame and display it in my office. I did acquire another little treasure over the weekend, but you will have to wait for my upcoming office tour post to see it!


What do you think of my poem? Share your favorite literary poetry in the comments below.

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