Bookish Runway: Shoe Edition

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I wrote this post for Quirk Books, found here. This post was fun to write, but also crazy stressful. You would not believe how hard it was to find non spammy shoe links! Also, I’ve been mad crushing on the Lion Paw Louboutin’s for years! Oh yes, they will be mine, someday….

They say shoes are a girls best friend. But what about a spy, a witch, and a nerd? Turns out certain literary characters also love fancy foot wear! It’s time to sit back and enjoy this bookish runway show: shoe edition.



Dorothy – The Wizard of Oz

Lions and tigers and bears! Oh my! Well, fear no more my friends. Because with these ferocious heels you too will be king of the jungle!  These classy pumps will have you standing tall and proud. Dorothy knows a great pair of shoes when she see’s one, so snap these bad boys up before a witch tries snatch them up!



James Bond – 007

What can we say? A spy loves a good cocktail and secret compartments. With these stylish loafers one gets the best of both worlds! It’s all in her majesty’s secret service right? We do know these modern day 007 shoes will cost you a pretty pound, but  James Bond would definitely approve.




Katniss Everdeen – The Hunger Games

Now here are some boots that were made for walking! You would have had no problems competing in the Hunger Games with these fly shoes. With the trademarked Mockingjay wings, you too could lead a rebellion! All you would need to finish the ensemble is a bow, arrows and a love triangle.




Wade Watts – Ready Player One

These next shoes are a little bit sci-fi and a whole lotta nostalgia in one snazzy package. If you love the 80’s as much as Wade Watts, then you will want to snag these Back to the Future inspired duds. These self lacing kicks will have any sneakerhead drooling for a pair! So hop in your DeLorean and head to the year 2015, uh which has already came and went…just go to the mall.






Luna Lovegood – Harry Potter

One would describe Luna Lovegood’s styles as odd, to say the least. However, these ethereal shoes have us seeing wrackspurts! He Who Must Not Be Named wouldn’t stand a chance against a witch with these powerful pumps. Luna may be the quirkiest member of Harry’s gang, but we here at Quirk really dig her taste in foot wear!



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