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I promised myself that I would not get into the whole pin craze. But I soon found myself buying one and it just spiraled from there. Now I have a pin board filled with pins. I have no self control. Surprisingly, I only have a couple bookish themed pins.

This Edgar Allan Poe pin is a classic but a goodie. I bought mine at a local shop here in town, but you can buy one online here. This pin is really cool and glossy. I’ve always enjoyed Poe’s poems and gothic style. Also, yes, my nails do match my rug.

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned my obsession with all things Stephen King. He was hands down my favorite writer as a teenager. I picked this pin up at a pin fair (it was awesome and I spent WAY too much money) from a shop called Negamidas. I love the fact that this picture of King looks straight up from a high school yearbook photo.

This pin from LuxCups represents my love for sci-fi. This pastel ray gun receives many compliments when I wear it. I was a late bloomer when it came to reading sci-fi. It all started in high school when my then boyfriend (now husband) recommended that I read Dune. I was hooked ever since.

This short box pin from Secret Headquarters represents my love for comic books. Funny enough I don’t keep my comic books in boxes. But when I saw this pin at my local comic book shop I just had to buy it. I’ve slowed down in my comic book buying, and have switched to checking out volumes from the library.


And that is my bookish pin collection. Small but ever growing. There are tons of cool pins that you can buy. I like to buy locally but Etsy is a great place to shop as well.


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