Bookish Pins Part II

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My insatiable need for more pins has led me here. With a cork board full of flair and tiny holes garnishing my cardigans. My previous Bookish Pin post showed my growing collection in its infancy. I’m proud to show off my newest additions.

My bookish gang all together. I would love to put them all on my book bag, but alas I enjoy switching them out too much to be bothered. Maybe when I have a few more bookish pins will I keep them in one place. Also, I recently bought these locking pin backs to give me a peace of mind that my pins won’t fall off. I find they are well worth the price.

Look at this lovely Jane Austin portrait pin! What better way to show off your taste in classic literature, than this stylish pin? I like to buy my pins at local shops, especially books stores and this pin was purchased at my local book store Book People. This pin was actually part of a set (see below). You can buy your own at The Unemployed Philosophers Guild. They have other fun literary pins as well!

This pin displays the works of Jane Austen. I think the two pins compliment each other rather nicely. Honestly, I still need to read a few of Austen’s books. Maybe this pin will be a helpful reminder to get my reading on? If not, then it still looks pretty.

This next pin was purchased whilst I was on vacation in Seattle. I visited an awesome book store called Elliot Bay and they had a HUGE basket full of pins! I nearly died from happiness. When I saw this Night Owl Book Club pin I knew it had to come home with me. It’s small but cute and I love the typography. You can buy your won at Rather Keen over on Etsy. Who isn’t a member of the night owl book club?

Speaking of Rather Keen, this Book Nerd pin is also one of his designs. I actually bought this pin months ago at a book store in Boulder. This pin reminds me of Harry Potter and my early love for reading. This pin also comes in several colors!


I’ve been a fan of Ideal Bookshelf and Jane Mount’s bookshelf prints for a long time. Now, you can buy more than a dozen book pins from her Etsy store as well! Just take all money why don’t you?! The first one I bought was The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, of course. This pin is so freaking cute and captures the book perfectly.

Next up is this Dune pin from Ideal Bookshelf. What can I say? I’m a sucker for all things sci-fi. The angry sandworm on this pin really sold it. Even if he kind of looks like a penis….

And last but not least is this Dracula pin, also by Ideal Bookshelf. I told you I had no control! Simple but elegant, this pin speaks to the gothic lover in me. You can bet that I plan on buying more pins from Ideal in the future. And at about ten bucks a pop, I think they are a heck of a deal! Soon Hobbit pin…..sooon.


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