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It’s been ages since I posted a bookish bits! Have no fear though, I remembered to bookmark all the odds and ends that I’ve seen and lusted after these last few months. Now I just need to find a convenient way to make my husband see these….Christmas is coming.



Now that my personal library has grown into the triple digits (humble brag), it might me smart to invest in some sort of organization. These gorgeous sticker bookplates come from the Etsy shop, SunshineandRavioli2. How perfect would these be in your Jane Austen novels?


OK, this amazing bookish art may break the bank. For just $700 bucks this custom piece of art can be yours! Etsy shop,thumbprintportraits, creates these one of kind portraits using your favorite books and your own thumbprint. For any DIYers out there, this could be a fun project to replicate!


I love books, and I love art. Why not combine your love for both? I mean it is a shame to tuck a book away on a shelf and not show off it’s lovely cover. Well, with this book rack shelf, you can display to your  hearts content! Show off your Harry Potter/Game of Thrones/whatever  collection with pride!


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  • Skye
    December 12, 2015

    I wish I had $700 to spare, that’s gorgeous!

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