Book Review: A Wild Swan: And Other Tales

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“A Wild Swan: And Other Tales” by Michael Cunningham

Genre: Short Stories

Plot: “A poisoned apple and a monkey’s paw with the power to change fate; a girl whose extraordinarily long hair causes catastrophe. In A Wild Swan and Other Tales, the people and the talismans of lands far, far away—the mythic figures of our childhoods and the source of so much of our wonder—are re-imagined in a charmingly dark way.”

Review: First review of 2016!!Woohoo!! I wanted to kick off this year with something short and fun. Being only 144 pages, and about  fairy tales, A Wild Swan, seemed to fit the bill. It also didn’t hurt that I’ve seen mostly positive reviews floating around the internet, and my library had it available. Score! After devouring the entire book in one night, I was surprised at how deliciously wicked this collection of stories were! Even more surprising, were the lovely illustrations throughout the book! Stylistically, this book is gorgeous.

I should clarify that I tend to like darker subtexts in movies and writing. Maybe that’s why I enjoyed the ten mini stories in this book. I call them mini, since they are spinets of a bigger story. For example, my favorite was the story of Snow White and her Prince’s kinky relationship. The story was only a few pages long, and it only made sense if you know the original tale. However, I thought that it was a bit creepy, yet at the same time endearing. Out of the ten fairy tales that are retold in this collection, I liked seven. Which is really high for me, usually I like just one or two short stories in a book.

Recommendation: I’m really glad I read this! It was short and fun, just what I wanted at the time. If you like fairy tales, your probably like this book. And if you like short stories, your also most likely to like this book. Definitely check to see if your library has it in there new book section!


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