Birthday Trip & Haul

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My (almost 30) birthday was a few weeks ago. Me and Tommy decided to take our first real vacation aka get on a plane and leave the state. We’ve done a lot of staycations and quick trips to other cities in Texas. This time though we picked Denver as our destination. 10/10 would recommend!

We went hiking in Boulder. Which is a beautiful city and it made me want to move to the mountains. Snow be damned! The weather was nice in Colorado, which was great since we did a lot of walking. Good thing I bought some rather expensive hiking boots for the trip.


We also visited the Denver zoo! Tommy took a ton of photos, but lions were always my favorite animal, so here they are looking majestic af. While in Denver we ate a lot of good/greasy food, it was awesome to get away and explore a new city. We even tried our first Airbnb! It was cheaper and in my opinion better than staying in a hotel. Instead we had a whole basement apt to ourselves!

Now for the birthday gifts! I bought these three pins at a cool bookstore in Boulder. I can’t remember the name of the shop, but the pins are from Ideal Bookshelf. I’ve been eyeing these bad boys for months! I decided to splurge for my b-day and bought Dune, Dracula, and Hitch Hiker’s Guide. I freaking love them and they sit proudly on my bag. #bookbagbling

I also bought these galaxy unicorn Converse. I’m not ashamed to say that as an almost 30 year old women, these unicorn shoes make me beyond happy. Can you believe I found these magical shoes at Goodwill?! Who would donate such mythical lovelies? Well, they are home with me now, proudly decking my feet.

Now that I’m home and relaxed from my trip, I’m ready for the next adventure….Halloween time!


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