2018 Reading Challenge

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A new year means a new reading goal! Over the last few years, I’ve pushed myself to read more. See my previous yearly goals here and here. This year my goal is 150 books!

I know, no pressure, right? But, I believe if I keep on track and mix up my reading pile to include long and short novels, then I should be able to hit my goal. We are about half way through February and I’ve just now hit 20 books. Here is a peek at my list so far.


You can see that I’ve read a little bit of everything. I’ve got some graphic novels, classics, and a few short story collections under my belt. Audiobooks are a life saver for me and hitting my goal. I almost always have a book on ear while I work. I do have a few smaller reading goals. Besides hitting 150 that is.

1. Last year was heavy on the sci-fi. This year I’m focusing on fantasy!

2. I also want to read more manga this year. I’ve been loving Princess Jellyfish and would like to find other funny/sweet manga.

3. Lastly, I would like to blog and write more. Reading and writing go hand and hand for me. But lately I feel like I let my reading takes over the time that I could be writing.  So, I would like to balance the two more.



What are your reading goals this year?




  • Mandy
    February 15, 2018

    How was AN ENCHANTMENT OF RAVENS? I’ve heard great things.

    • Sandra
      February 19, 2018

      I enjoyed it! I thought the writing and world building especially good.

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